A comedy storytelling show especially for women who are “Hollywood old.” Over 29. All are welcome. Some of the best storytellers from the Bay Area and beyond in a different kind of show that always gives you something new, something substantial, something funny.

No heckling, no drink minimum, all heart.

The Octopus Literary Salon 2101 Webster Street #170 Oakland, CA 94612 View map

Nov 14/17: Yarn 10 BUY TIX w special guest Emily Epstein White (Netroots Nation)
Jan 9/18: Yarn 11 BUY TIX w special guest Gina Gold (Snap Judgment)
Feb 6/18: Yarn 12 BUY TIX w special guest Julia Serano (Whipping Girl, Outspoken)
Mar 13/18: Yarn 13 BUY TIX w special guest Bridget Schwartz
Apr 10/18: Yarn 14 BUY TIX w special guest Aviva Siegel (SF Sketchfest, Nevada Film Fest)
May 8/18: Yarn 15 BUY TIX w special guest Julia Serano (Whipping Girl, Outspoken)
Jun 12/18: Yarn 16 BUY TIX

Credit cards online, cash at the door. All shows, so far, have sold out. What I’m saying is, early tickets are the best. And $12.

Featured Performers
Heather Gold (“I Look Like An Egg, but I Identify As A Cookie,” NPR)
Alicia Dattner (The Oy of Sex)
Julia Jackson (Children are Forever!(All Sales Are Final), KGO)
Aundré the Wonderwoman (SF International Comedy Competition Finalist)

Past Special Guests
Bridget Schwartz (Office Donkey, Punchline)
Betsy Salkind (Roseanne)
Gina Gold (Snap Judgment)
Julia Serano (Whipping Girl)
Virgie Tovar (MTV, Hot and Heavy)
Natasha Muse (Seeso)

All are welcome. Some comps are available for those who can’t afford the show right now, just get in touch. Patron tickets are available for those who’d like to sponsor them. Performers are paid. I’m letting you know because that’s not always the case at comedy and storytelling shows. It’s important.

People who love to laugh, think, and be moved. This show is for you. Come enjoy a good Yarn. –Heather
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